“The Origin of 3DM Localization Team”

Founded in 2006, the 3DM Team was an unofficial localization team formed by players on the 3DM forum, producing non-profitindependent localization for games. The team gained popularity amongst players, due to the high quality of their work and quick releases.

In order to adapt to the changing market, 3DM localization team began its transition at the end of 2015, with proofreading and polishing by more experienced members; the self developed localization platform also went online around this time, established the initiate-translation-proofreading standard procedure, and begun to take on official localization contracts.

Reasons to Choose Us

Localization Quality

Our translators are hardcore gamers with more than three years of experience in translation, and professional proofreaders with more than ten years of experience. Our own translation platform have also accumulated ten year's worth of gaming terminology.

Localization Techniques

Techniques developed from the early days of localization allowing independent font library replacement, extracting text or image from games, perform QA tests etc.

Original Project Management

From translation to proofreading to project management, everything is done at our own translation platform. We could match millions of terms automatically, or backtrack problems within a split second.

Assured Security

Tight security measures and precautions will ensure file and documentation safety.

Lifetime After Service

3DM Localization Team provide unlimited free revamps until the customer is satisfied.
Our Services
Professional Translation

Translation by average translators, proofreading by project manager responsible for domestic and foreign localization projects.

Expert Translation

Word count calculated. File format including and not limited to TXT, XLS, CSV, JSON etc.

Auditory Translation

For translation without readable text.

Polishing and Proofreading

Our translation service already includes polishing and proofreading. This is for independent polishing and proofreading, done by experienced proofreaders who often cooperates with Tencent and NetEase.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Totaling 2,868,591 words

Just Cause 3

Totaling 436,771 words

Dying Light

Totaling 413,410 words


Totaling 1,957,188 words

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Totaling 3,117,512 words

Dragon Age 3:Inquisition

Totaling 2,135,712 words

ARK: Survival Evolved

Totaling 325,618 words

The Surge

Totaling 516,717 words

Yakuza Kiwami

Totaling 801,827 words


Totaling 1,758,694 words

DiRT 4

Totaling 325,618 words

Stardew Valley

Totaling 854,565 words

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